Our strong team combines the knowledge and experience of 40 permanently employd Naval Architects, Mechanical Engineers, 3D Experts as well as Master Mariners and is able to deliver safe, cost effective and well-conceived transport solutions for all kind of heavy transports.


We evaluate and issue stowage plans according to the needs of a project and calculate securing forces on a wide range of heavy lift shipments, and conduct lashing and securing surveys to ensure a safe and damage-free transport of your cargo. Our engineering team provide individual and innovative solutions, both in-house and for third party customers, for heavy lift transports and installation operations. Made to measure to the special needs of each single cargo and customer. We provide a wide range of services to ensure safe and efficient operations, such as:

● Stowage planning
● Lift engineering (Lifting arrangements, plans, rigging calculations etc.)
● Securing calculations and plans
● FE analyses of hatch covers and deck structures
● Design of grillage and seafastening solutions
● Design of Transport Frames and Lifting appliances


We design a large variety of steel structures for the shipping and offshore industry. These include cradles and grillages for large-scale offshore components, tailored to specific vessels and voyages as well as flexible, durable and cost-effective transport solutions for long-term worldwide use on any suitable ship.

Our specialised engineering has realised shipments of wind turbine blades, towers, monopiles and transition pieces, among those the furthest transport of monopiles ever, two 40 day voyages of 20 monopiles of up to 1200 mt from Germany to Taiwan.

Lifting appliances such as traverses, spreaders and specialised lifting frames also belong to our scope.

For all designs, we cover the full package of calculation reports, construction drawings, actual steel construction and delivery


Our range of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic Services includes feasibility studies, float over analysis for RoRo loadouts by GHS, MRA by ABB Octopus incl onboard monitoring, Mooring Calculations with Optimoor Dynamic, diverse kinds of numerical flow-simulations like roll-damping studies, propulsion and resistance optimization as well as determination on wind-loads on offshore structures


Our dynamic team of CAD engineers and designers provides accurate 3D CAD along with mesmerizing photo realistic rendering, animations and other state of the art visualization solutions.


UES structural department delivers full scope of installation/ mobilisation supervision to ensure that planning and realization meet in the best possible way.

Together with our close partner SLB Services, we mobilise / demobilise transport and installation vessels and supervise loading operations for any kind of project shipments.


If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail: We start developing mission-specific transport solutions for your goods from day one. Innovative transport solutions of super heavy goods are our core competence and passion. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Our comprehensive know-how in terms of naval architecture, mechanical engineering as well as ship and port operations will reduce costs and delays. We consult our clients in all transport related matters such as selection of suitable tonnage, anticipated accelerations during sea passage in combination with a fatigue analysis, lifting solutions and loading simulations of ro/ro and lifting operations.